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Honey Mustards

With the subtle flavor of mellow, roasted garlic, this sweet and savory mustard is one of Lucky’s Honey Mustard mainstays and sure to be a pantry staple.   Versatile as it is flavorful, this mustard tastes great on salmon, pork, and chicken. It also can be used on a sandwich, as a salad dressing (just add a little vinegar and oil), or a pretzel dip…Your possibilities are endless!

Lucky’s Fire Roasted Onion and Black Pepper Honey Mustard will take an ordinary roast beef sandwich to perfection! The Black Pepper is dominant, but mellowed by the Honey. A "workhorse" in the kitchen, it’s also a great addition to any potato or egg salad recipe. By simply adding a little vinegar and oil, you will quickly find yourself with a crowd-pleasing vinaigrette, or use it on the grill with Chicken, Pork or Salmon.

Lucky's ORIGINAL honey mustard flavor, and still our Customer's favorite.  Just a bit of heat from the Jalapeno (but muted by the honey...think Minnesota Hot!).  Simply fantastic on everything from Brats and Dogs from the grill to a glaze for grilled vegetables.  Try it in your potato salad or egg salad as a substitute for yellow mustard.  It makes the best BLT (skip the Mayo) you will ever taste.

The hottest of our 4 Honey Mustards.  Great Habanero flavor with some of the Habanero heat covered by the honey.  Best with anything from the grill.  Salmon, Turkey Burgers, Brats and Dogs, Pork Loin or Chops, Chicken, or as a Wing Sauce.  There is nothing that this sauce can't cover.