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Hot Sauces

A variety of Habanero pepper with a bit less heat and all the flavor.  A bright burst of flavor and heat.

A Cajun Hot Sauce Festival Winner in 2013 and 2015.  Not Too Hot.  Not Too Mild.  But just right with a little natural sweetness.

Gluten Free, All Natural Ingredients

Great Serrano flavor and heat.  Replace those jalapenos with a bit more heat and green chili flavor.  Tacos and Burritios will thank you!

Tiny Thai Peppers Pack a Punch!  Great unique flavor, and a ton of heat.  For a small pepper, it really warms you up.

This pepper is from the Jalapeno family.  A bit milder, a little natural sweetness - GREAT on Eggs!

One of Lucky's originals and still a favorite.  The mildest of our hot sauces with outstanding flavor.  Rudolph's will not destroy the flavor of delicate foods.

Lucky's Original hot sauce.  Classic Jalapeno flavor and heat. 

Lucky's best selling hot sauce with classic Orange Habanero flavor and heat.  A 2015 Cajun Hot Sauce Festival Winner!